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College Planning for Homeschool Students

Whether you are an unschooler, an eclectic homeschooler, someone who favors a school-at-home approach, or a suddenly pandemic-homeschooling family, you probably seek out easy peasy homeschool solutions for your everyday homeschool curriculum. College planning is not always easy peasy when homeschooling a high schooler. You wear the hat of parent, teacher, guidance counselor, college advisor, and principal! Before becoming a homeschool mom, I was College Admission Manager for 15+ years. I get what you want to accomplish as a homeschool parent and I know how a college application review works. I provide guidance and expertise on educational planning and college admissions for a homeschool family’s unique needs. I’ll walk you through the college admission process from both sides of the desk.

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The Common Data Set: A Hidden Treasure for Your College Search

There are some obvious resources to get to know a college, such as college websites, mailings, college fairs, and campus tours. There are also several outside resources that are familiar to many people and can be found with a quick google search, such as U.S. News & World Reports, College Board, Petersons, Princeton Review, andContinue reading “The Common Data Set: A Hidden Treasure for Your College Search”

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