A Day in the Life

This may not be read by anyone but me. Maybe some far off future relative … but I needed an outlet to express how we are living today, March 2020.

Today is day three of my two kids schooling from home. Day five or six since this plan was announced by School and Government officials. Public Schools in New Hampshire are closed for three weeks. The University I work for has also announced full remote learning for the next three weeks. My husband is a Mechanical Engineer and will also be working home. His work from home status is not required, but this is the safest option. This is all due to the worldwide corona virus pandemic that started in China in early 2020.

I truly hope this blog evolves to something not related to the corona virus. Maybe my chicken stories, gardening stories, or parenting stories will catch on and this will spin off into something totally different. But the motivation to start this today was the need to express the new and unique changes we are experiencing in 2020.

Who am I?

  • If you came here to learn about Homesteading, I will fail you. I have a great chicken coop, a small backyard garden, and I’m attempting to make maple syrup, but I am not a true agricultural homesteader.
  • If you came here for fancy fashion or home decor advice, I will also fail you. Couture is our family name. Beautiful, but that is all.

Today I captured photos of our day. Our “new normal” as everyone is saying. As I took each photo, I thought, “I could write a facebook post about this one.” But I am honestly tired of facebook and social media in general. I am overwhelmed with the information, advice, and judgments. I don’t want to add to it. It is all truly appreciated and I have already utilized some of the advice. BUT, it helps to reflect more deeply in these uncertain and anxiety filled moments and I knew this would be too long for a social media post.

So here is my idea:

  • I am posting photos and details of each day.
  • This will include, homeschooling two children, working from home, parenting, managing home care, garden, chickens, budget, keeping in touch with family and trying to keep sane through this unexpected era.
  • If you are making adjustments to your everyday life with kids, work, and home, due to the new age we are living in, I’d love to hear your advice, frustrations, and words of hope and joy.
  • If I blog successfully, I will feel peace in each day and spread some connection and reassurance with others.

Today I taught math, reading, physical education, art, and coding while working, cleaning, cooking, yard working, pet caring, and parenting. I’m not complaining, in fact, it was a wonderful day. But that was the reality of the day.

Double Rolling math game from Auburn Village School.
Daily Classroom Schedule.
Math worksheets, not assigned by school.
Art with Mo Willems.
Dad’s new work station.
Mom’s new work station.
Collecting eggs.
Outdoor recess.
Collecting maple syrup.
Lunch. Mac & Cheese with snacking share plate.
Coding with coding.org.
Lexia reading app provided by Auburn Village School.
Dinner. Salmon from ButcherBox, corn, and broccoli from Misfit Market.
TIME FOR WINE. Naked Wines to thank for at home delivery. I picked up a great deal on a mixed crate. Rose is not my favorite, but it does remind me of my grandmother who loved a white zinfandel with dinner. 🙂
Finally giving in to screen time at dinner. We ALL needed a break from each other.
Cleaning bathrooms and refilling the heavily used hand soap.
Vacuuming…AGAIN. So many more crumbs from snacks and eating at home and dirt on the floor from outdoor play.
More laundry. Trying to let the kids play and live in their PJs as much as possible (one less thing to do and less laundry!), but more hand towels, kitchen towels, and dish towels cleaning.
Laundry and chore helpers! Trying to teach the kids and get some actual help from this. It’s a slow process, but I have hope!
The necessity at the end of each day and words to live by.

So I wasn’t sure, and I’m still not totally sure, how this blog will work. My thought is, I’m going to dive into each of these first day daily photos and share more of the details. There is no particular order, just whatever seems like a good or interesting topic for the day. Could be schedule, homeschooling, work, meal planning, cleaning, or just exploring with the feelings of the day.

Lastly, I want to express how incredibly grateful I am and acknowledge the immense resources I have available to me. My husband and I both have the ability and support to work from home. The public school system in our town is well funded and teachers are prepared to offer school work at home. I have long had the extra income to spend on stocking up on bulk home and food supplies. However…There are so many more people in our community and society that are not prepared for what is expected from this pandemic. My heart is breaking over this thought and my mind is still grappling my next right move. My mind and heart get so preoccupied with the survival of my own family, the care and diligence given to my work at the University, and the well-being of my extended family, it becomes so difficult to remind myself of others circumstances, particularly in isolation. I MUST. We MUST.

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