Another Day

The kids were super goofy today and I really didn’t mind.

Rumikube with a math twist.

Photos can be deceiving – in our social media world, we all know that. But as I’m catching photos of the day, I see how easily it happens. When you’re caught in a bad moment, taking a picture is the last thing on your mind. But when everything is great and your view of the world is beautiful, you can’t help but want to hold onto it. So quick, snap, keep that image and feeling forever.

So what pictures haven’t I been taking?

  • I don’t have a photo of the hour before school is about to begin and I am still making up the schedule for the day. That sounds unorganized, but it’s working. I’m quickly reflecting on the day before, what’s working, what didn’t go well. How can I strategize a better plan to make this day better? Pull out the packets from school, read through the instructions for the day, organize them in a way that works with the plan, pull out any needed supplies and … boom we are ready to go!
  • We stopped watching the teacher videos after the first day. No picture of that choice either. Oh my … I’m so sorry teachers, don’t hate me for ignoring all your caring and thoughtful work. The entire first day the kids kept wanting to go back to the video and review the instructions again. But I as the adult helper can read and I remember the instructions, so please let me tell you what to do next and we can keep this day moving. If we have to go back and look at the instructions every time, I have to change my laptop screen to show you the video, and I need to keep working! There’s also alot of materials in these packets and so many additional resources offered by the school, teachers, parent and teacher friends offering help, community organizations being creative with learning experiences (go to the art museum, see the aquarium, view a Broadway show, have your kids take a class with the amazingly talented person … and also from the comforts from home!). It is so incredibly humbling to see how strong we are as one large human community. How thoughtful and giving and creative we can be with sharing skills in a time of need. Gah … I want my kids to see all of this while we can, I want to see this and experience the connection to life outside of isolation. But how to fit it all in? – with the demands of school work, my part-time data analyst work, cleaning the house (both to keep the calm of having a clean house -I don’t need any more stress- and the extra lysol cleaning so no one gets sick). Sorry teachers, but I need to find the right balance for our family.
Music Class with Nina Webb Cullen.

Today we went to Music Class with Nina Webb Cullen. Nina has now retired, but the kids know her as their Music teacher from when they we toddlers and babies. Nina was also my birthing class instructor, pregnancy group moderator, and was a Doula during my labor with my oldest. Nina was so kind today and offered a Music Class via facebook live at 11am today. It wasn’t a high quality production, but that was the best part. It felt like having a great Auntie singing and dancing with you and the kids from a video call. It was intimate and yet I felt connected to the bigger Nini Family who are all connected by their love for Nina.

So yeah … are you feeling the feels with that one? I can’t miss that! – soooo drop your feelings dammit!, we have too many things to do! ….plan is made to fit in Music Class with Nina at 11:00am.

But then, I drop the packet Music plan? We don’t have time for 2 Music classes! -Gah! I’m so sorry Music teacher!

And finally…I didn’t take a picture of me struggling to find my comfortable calibration for my own student/teacher and parent/child relationship balance.

The fidget bin.

I quickly realized my kids can’t stop moving their hands. They pick apart erasers, peel the paper off crayons, tear the corners off their papers. So I pulled together a bin of toys to fidget in their hands. I can’t watch hands and my work computer screen at the same time. I know they don’t need this at school. Their school crayons, worksheets, and pencils don’t look like that. I don’t have time to work on this puzzling behavior. Wish me luck, send love!

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