The New Normal?

Why did we start using this phrase? This all feels new for sure, but it’s not normal. I’m adjusting, you’re adjusting, and everyday, hour, minute, it’s another new thing to turn our direction an extra tick away from “normal”.

We’re ALL adjusting, even the pets.

Chickens: Diamond, Ruby, Ginger, Big Red, Night Skye, and Black Thunder.
Chicken Guard: Zoey

The microadjustments, in bulk, are HEAVY.

TIMING is a microadjustment. I don’t want to … no, I can’t…, hit on every schedule change, but here is an example of normal:

  • The chickens are let out of their coop first thing in the morning. They are kept in the run to eat, drink, and lay eggs. They are let out just before lunch to free range, eat some bugs, and scratch at the leaf piles in the woods.
  • This week … All the kids in the neighborhood emerge from their houses in the late morning … they start doing their own healthy free ranging on bikes and scooters … the early afternoon is no longer a good time for peaceful chicken grazing. Two new issues … 1) the chickens get scared off by the bikes and run too far from our yard, 2) ALL the kids want to hold a chicken, and we don’t need to worry about MORE germs. Chicken free range time gets moved to early morning until lunch.

It’s so minor right? No, it’s tiny. NO… its microscopic. UM NO … it’s like, hello… you’re on a blue dot, Elsa said, “let it go”.

But it’s another pebble in a heavy jar. Letting them out early means they might find hidden spots to lay an egg outside the nesting boxes, the squirrels might get to their daily feed before they have a chance to eat, and the early morning wildlife in our backyard may still be looking for a meal.

COMFORT is a microadjustment. Does your “desk” chair feel comfortable at home? How has your wardrobe changed? – for good or bad! Is your work station just how you like it? Relate? – My yellow lab, Zoey, relates. My sweet old lady (insert GUSH here) usually sleeps under my desk in a soft carpeted office. Moving downstairs so I could work and keep an eye on the kids, meant Zoey was struggling to find a good spot on the hardwood floors to sleep while her people worked. My 7yo human-kid/animal-lover came to Zoey’s rescue … a blanket and pillows and Zoey has a new and special space in the “classroom”. <- yeah, that’s new too!

Zoey’s new work station.

DIET is a microadjustment. We have homemade breakfast and we ordered pizza tonight from a local business instead of making pizza at home. Happy we supported a local business in a tough time, glad we are eating a nice breakfast and for less money. BUT, another little pebble of change to add to the heavy jar.

Bagel, deli ham, american cheese, fresh Couture Homestead eggs, and home brewed DD coffee.
Cheese, Hawaiian, Veggie. Auburn House of Pizza. Disturbingly (yet I was thankful?), delivered with gloved hands.

I did get out on a nice long walk today and it helped to calm all these microadjustments. Live in the PRESENT and reflect on how to help others. Turn the gaze away from what things were like three weeks ago, or what I’m trying to imagine in one week, month, or year from now. Turn that gaze! PRESENT. It’s lots of change all at once. It does feel heavy, but these are the microadjustments. Blue Dot.

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