One Week + One Day

So much has changed so very quickly.

It has been one week and one day since my last blog post. Probably because it has taken me this long to wrap my brain around everything that has happened is happening!

In my first blog post I wrote about my kids school closing for 2 weeks and my University moving to remote learning for 3 weeks. Since that post the kids school will be learning remotely through May 4 (that will be a total of 8 weeks – plus one week of “April Vacation”). The University is now remote learning through the end of the semester, which will come to a close in mid-May. And in every official announcement we are left with some eloquent verbiage about continuing to assess the situation … or in other words, this potentially could extend past May, but we don’t know yet. Comforting. :/

Last weekend we made the decision to push out our April Vacation to Disney. We rebooked for October. This is a once in a lifetime trip for our family, so the decision was made with a heavy heart.

Breaking the Disney news :(.

Disney has been closed since March 12 due to the corona virus, but had planned to reopen on April 1. Last week, we decided with the information we had in hand, that the April 1 reopening was highly unlikely. We took a gamble to move our vacation before things got busy and more expense to rebook. Today Disney announced that the parks would be closed indefinitely. I’m still holding out hope that things will be better by October. “Future-Erika” will have to read this post again in October to assess how smart or foolish “past-Erika” had been.

I’m doing my best to keep stress down as much as I can. It’s not easy and it’s a work in progress. But I’m looking for joy in the little things each day.

Cozy blankets and warm tea (with an Irish kick ;)).

We are finding new ways to connect with family and friends. We have been using Zoom and Facebook Messenger video features to video conference with loved ones. Hubby has been having an virtual afternoon beer with friends.

The mornings are still strict school time hours, but I have been a bit more lax with the kids for the afternoons. I’ve been letting them have more free play time, learning screen time, and just time for coloring, board games, and imaginative play. This gives me more time for work, cleaning, and maybe a light nap (seriously guys, I’m not lazy, these are a necessity right now). But mostly, as much as we try to shield them from the stress of the situation, I know they are feeling the changes.

Coloring time.
Indoor Beach play.

Zoey has settled on a new spot working with her Dad. Basically that means she stays in bed most of the day, but she’s comfortable and Dad enjoys having a new work buddy too.

Sleeping the day away.

We are still keeping up with our “Homesteading” life comforts. We started brewing our maple syrup this weekend and will be working on the garden this weekend. It’s time to start seedlings indoors and in my porch greenhouse. The compost is ready to be turned and the garden beds are ready for prepping. There is comfort in knowing that these natural cycles are continuing as usual. Some things haven’t changed.

Maple Syrup brewing.

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