3 Answers to the Question, “Why Go to College?”

You may have been talking about college with your spouse while a baby grew in your belly. You may have started a 529 plan as soon as that baby was born. You may have encouraged your child about their next educational steps after high school. But have you stopped to ask why yet? It’s aContinue reading “3 Answers to the Question, “Why Go to College?””

The Homeschool High School Transcript

Homeschool transcript template…how do you create a homeschool transcript? I was a College Admission Officer for 15+ years before becoming a homeschool mom. I get what you want to accomplish as a homeschool parent and I know how a college application review works. I’ll walk you through the Homeschool High School Transcript from both sides of the desk.

Ask the Admission Counselor

If you are a homeschool student or the parent of a homeschool student, you may have a long list of questions and concerns about applying to college. You don’t have a School Counselor or College Counselor like your public and private school peers, so who do you turn to? College Admission Questions for Homeschool StudentsContinue reading “Ask the Admission Counselor”