Homeschool Curriculum in Practice

What does your homeschool week look like? If you’ve chosen your homeschool curriculum for the year you may be questioning, what now? Tip #1: You Purchased a Homeschool Curriculum Guide, not Rules. No matter how much you paid for your curriculum, remember they are guides. You don’t need to force your kids to do everyContinue reading “Homeschool Curriculum in Practice”

The Couture Homestead Homeschool Week

Hi, I’m Erika. I’m new to homeschooling and so is everyone else in my village.  There a so many comments and questions from friends and family along the lines of “I don’t know how you do it” or “That must be a lot of work!” or “How do you know what to teach them?” IContinue reading “The Couture Homestead Homeschool Week”