Homeschool Curriculum in Practice

What does your homeschool week look like? If you’ve chosen your homeschool curriculum for the year you may be questioning, what now? Tip #1: You Purchased a Homeschool Curriculum Guide, not Rules. No matter how much you paid for your curriculum, remember they are guides. You don’t need to force your kids to do everyContinue reading “Homeschool Curriculum in Practice”

The Homeschool High School Transcript

Homeschool transcript template…how do you create a homeschool transcript? I was a College Admission Officer for 15+ years before becoming a homeschool mom. I get what you want to accomplish as a homeschool parent and I know how a college application review works. I’ll walk you through the Homeschool High School Transcript from both sides of the desk.

Ask the Admission Counselor

If you are a homeschool student or the parent of a homeschool student, you may have a long list of questions and concerns about applying to college. You don’t have a School Counselor or College Counselor like your public and private school peers, so who do you turn to? College Admission Questions for Homeschool StudentsContinue reading “Ask the Admission Counselor”

The Couture Homestead Homeschool Week

Hi, I’m Erika. I’m new to homeschooling and so is everyone else in my village.  There a so many comments and questions from friends and family along the lines of “I don’t know how you do it” or “That must be a lot of work!” or “How do you know what to teach them?” IContinue reading “The Couture Homestead Homeschool Week”

Just Another Goodbye to 2020

As this historical and collectively depressing year comes to an end, I feel the need to reflect on the highlights that defined my 2020 (both good and bad). I know we all want to say good riddance and move on as quickly as possible, but this is a historical moment. Lessons are ripe to beContinue reading “Just Another Goodbye to 2020”

One Week + One Day

So much has changed so very quickly. It has been one week and one day since my last blog post. Probably because it has taken me this long to wrap my brain around everything that has happened is happening! In my first blog post I wrote about my kids school closing for 2 weeks andContinue reading “One Week + One Day”

The New Normal?

Why did we start using this phrase? This all feels new for sure, but it’s not normal. I’m adjusting, you’re adjusting, and everyday, hour, minute, it’s another new thing to turn our direction an extra tick away from “normal”. We’re ALL adjusting, even the pets. The microadjustments, in bulk, are HEAVY. TIMING is a microadjustment.Continue reading “The New Normal?”

Another Day

The kids were super goofy today and I really didn’t mind. Photos can be deceiving – in our social media world, we all know that. But as I’m catching photos of the day, I see how easily it happens. When you’re caught in a bad moment, taking a picture is the last thing on yourContinue reading “Another Day”

A Day in the Life

This may not be read by anyone but me. Maybe some far off future relative … but I needed an outlet to express how we are living today, March 2020. Today is day three of my two kids schooling from home. Day five or six since this plan was announced by School and Government officials.Continue reading “A Day in the Life”