One Week + One Day

So much has changed so very quickly. It has been one week and one day since my last blog post. Probably because it has taken me this long to wrap my brain around everything that has happened is happening! In my first blog post I wrote about my kids school closing for 2 weeks andContinue reading “One Week + One Day”

The New Normal?

Why did we start using this phrase? This all feels new for sure, but it’s not normal. I’m adjusting, you’re adjusting, and everyday, hour, minute, it’s another new thing to turn our direction an extra tick away from “normal”. We’re ALL adjusting, even the pets. The microadjustments, in bulk, are HEAVY. TIMING is a microadjustment.Continue reading “The New Normal?”

Another Day

The kids were super goofy today and I really didn’t mind. Photos can be deceiving – in our social media world, we all know that. But as I’m catching photos of the day, I see how easily it happens. When you’re caught in a bad moment, taking a picture is the last thing on yourContinue reading “Another Day”

A Day in the Life

This may not be read by anyone but me. Maybe some far off future relative … but I needed an outlet to express how we are living today, March 2020. Today is day three of my two kids schooling from home. Day five or six since this plan was announced by School and Government officials.Continue reading “A Day in the Life”